Hard time

Hi all,

This post is aimed mainly at peope who support me on Patreon, Liberapay or GitHub, but even if that's not you, there might be a thing or two to grab here

Things are complicated over here. A close family member has a serious illness, that has been running for over a year and is now needing a lot more care.

The consequence is that it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to spend time and work on BIM and NativeIFC. You certainly noticed that I've been writing less and coding less too in the last months, I'm really sorry about that and also that it took me some time to realize I should write this post.

Basically I propose you to stop contributing to my Patreon account, for a while (I don't know how long this situation will last) or definitively. FreeCAD now has many new donation channels through the FPA, why not switch over to one of these

I won't hide that the income from this Patreon is a blessing for me, and it has been life-saving several times in the past already, but I feel I can't contribute back all that you guys deserve, so it's only fair for everybody that you put this money to better use.

I'm still keeping all my crowdfunding accounts open, because of the above, and because I definitely want to get back to it as soon as I can, no way I'm going to give up on BIM with FreeCAD, when we are only at the beginning Lots of things tell me a big momentum might be coming...

I don't know how long this will last and I can make no promises because my priority now is to take care of that person, but I'm also setting up a plan of what I'll do in the coming months:

  • I'll give the priority to FPA and general FreeCAD matters. The more effort goes into FreeCAD, the more it will benefit BIM too anyway.
  • If I can't code, I'll try at least to think, research and plan things ahead, things don't need to stay put.
  • I'll do my best to write more here, even shorter posts, even more generic stuff (I have several posts in the oven, expect new stuff soon!)
  • I'll put more effort in trying to find and help people interested in BIM and coding to contribute to the FreeCAD BIM/NativeIFC tools so it does not rely only on me.
  • If other people contribute, I'll share what I get from Patreon.

That's it for today I guess. Thanks a million to everybody who has helped me with money so far! I'm really baffled by how much trust you guys have put in this project, even with my constant lacks and fails

Cheers and a big hug,


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